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Southeast Healthcare Shares Signs of Psychosis & Early Intervention Services

Psychosis is a cluster of symptoms that can include experiences from false beliefs about the world and others to trouble with thinking skills, such as memory and attention. According to NAMI, as many as three in 100 people will have a psychotic episode at some point in their lives. Psychosis typically first emerges in adolescence or early adult life and is often frightening, confusing, and distressing for the people experiencing it and difficult for their families to understand.

Southeast Healthcare offers Coordinated Specialty Care, also known as Early Psychosis Intervention (EPI), providing individuals with first-episode psychosis access to treatment that includes cognitive behavioral therapy for psychosis; medication; case management; help with work and school; and support, education, and counseling for family members.

We were able to share more about the signs of psychosis and how effective early psychosis intervention can be with a local publication. Read the full article here.

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