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Artworks by R. Jason Van Hoose

SEEN Studios

SEEN Studios, a project of Fresh A.I.R. Gallery, is a grant-funded working art studio and exhibit space that opened in 2017. In the studio, Fresh A.I.R. artists create and display artwork in a supportive, inspiring, and empowering environment surrounded by a community of creators who motivate them along their recovery journeys. SEEN Studios aims to facilitate artist development through collaborations and learning. It is a place for artistic inspiration in the thriving arts community of Columbus.

SEEN Studios (#21) is located inside the Chromedge building at 289 West Walnut Street in the Franklinton Arts District of downtown Columbus. The studio is open to the public on Franklinton Friday, the second Friday of every month, from 6 p.m. to 10 p.m. If you are interested in scheduling a visit at a different time, please contact us.

Current Studio Artists

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MahLeah Cochran

MahLeah Cochran creates abstract paintings to navigate her recovery. Her artistic process is intuitive, using brushstrokes to convey the depths of her emotions. Cochran received a BA degree from Hofstra University and has spent much of the past 20 years traveling the world with humanitarian organizations. These experiences have also facilitated her recovery.

MahLeah's artwork is currently on display in the exhibit Abstract Ponderings. View the online version here.

<p align="left"><strong><em>Lips and Conversation</em></strong></br>20.25 x 26.25"</br>Acrylic paint on canvas

Rebecca Gonzalez-Bartoli

Rebecca Gonzalez-Bartoli is a mixed media artist who believes in recovery through artistic expression. Passionate about combining mental wellness with art, she uses her own art as a form of therapy. She paints primarily in bright, vibrant colors, representing her personal recovery process from schizoaffective disorder and trauma. She hopes her journey can help someone who is struggling.


Kristin Morris

Kristin Morris is a Columbus-based ceramic artist and mixed media sculptor.  She graduated from The College Of Wooster with a Studio Art major and later attended The Columbus College Of Art and Design, where she majored in Illustration. In 2003, she received a Masters of Social Work from the Ohio State University.  Kristin is inspired by folk art, surrealism, the work of Tim Burton and Jim Henson, and popular culture. She loves inventing unique characters and telling their stories through her pieces with great attention to detail! Among other endeavors, she has sculpted for haunted houses, made props for a costume shop, and constructed animals for a water park ride. Kristin had an exhibit at Fresh A.I.R. Gallery in 2017 titled By The Sea and continues to work in SEEN Studios at Chromedge in Franklinton.


Marianne Philip

Marianne paints with household items, such as crayons, nail polish, makeup, and clay. She molds and blends these materials into abstract images on re-purposed surfaces, including old picture frames and foam. Her paintings of landscapes, dancers, musical instruments, and other subjects contain beauty and movement; they are also textured, unfiltered, and raw. Marianne's first show was at Concord Counseling. After her father's death, she began creating artwork prolifically for exhibits and fundraisers, including Fresh A.I.R. Gallery's Art of Recovery art auction. She continues to dive into her paintings daily to cope with depression, PTSD, and physical pain.

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