<p align="left"><strong><em>Skinny Dipping</em></strong></br>48 x 44"</br>Mixed media on canvas</br>$2,500</br><strong><a href="https://checkout.square.site/merchant/NQX1GCJY9CN1F/checkout/64URNB437INM4VJ63XPN5CHA">PURCHASE</a></strong></br>

Chrystal Robinson-Shofroth

Trigger Warning: The Progression of Healing by Chrystal Robinson-Shofroth

View Trigger Warning: The Progression of Healing in person at Fresh A.I.R. Gallery's SEEN Studios (Studio #21 inside the Chromedge building at 289 W. Walnut Street, Columbus, Ohio). Email freshairgallery@gmail.com to make an appointment.

Artist Statement

Chrystal Robinson-Shofroth is an interdisciplinary artist and curator who is passionate about mixed media painting. A lifelong artist, she fights disability and depression using art as her voice. She believes art really can change the world and has made it a goal to learn every form of art during her lifetime. She enjoys working in a wide variety of mediums including mixed media painting, encaustic, videography, photography, and digital arts such as virtual reality painting in Tilt Brush.
Chrystal has been a fighter ever since she was born with her umbilical cord wrapped around her neck. Mental illness and addiction deeply affected her family and childhood and continue to shape the course of her life. After she left home at a young age, she had to find a way to heal from a series of dark, traumatic experiences. As she looked through the scared eyes of a child for any reason to fight for life, for any reason she had survived so much pain, Chrystal found art. Running from the past, trying to find a future, and seeking a voice, she has created art ever since.
Trigger Warning: The Progression of Healing showcases three collections of artwork Chrystal has made during her recovery from trauma over 30 years. This I Take in Remembrance of Trauma includes artworks inspired by the pain of her childhood. The Macabre Landscape of Woman reflects her struggle with suicide and survival of her best friend's suicide, as well as the struggle of a woman to find her own sexuality after assault. This collection also includes artworks Chrystal made during her recent manic-depressive breakdown, which started when she lost her art gallery and support system; at the time, she went into a catatonic state of depression and once again had to dig herself out of her own mind through the power of art, with the help of the art community and her family. The Spirit Animals collection, created over the course of 15 years, contains symbolic paintings of animals that have come to Chrystal to guide her spiritually toward healing, which is a common belief of Native American cultures.
Chrystal is now a mother and strives to give her children the perfect childhood she never had with a loving husband, a beautiful lakeside home with a country studio near Alliance, Ohio, and a successful art career. She is proof that art can heal and change the world.

Artist Biography

Chrystal studied special effects at the Art Institute of Pittsburgh, as well as video game design, grant writing, and marketing at Stark State College. However, he passion will always be painting. Chrystal owns GhostRighterz Artists Services, which provides artists with access to administrative skills and arts opportunities. Chrystal is passionate about the preservation and revitalization of downtown Alliance, Ohio, and her upcoming documentary Empty Canvas: A Look at Alliance through the Artist's Eye will debut soon. She recently joined the board of the Alliance Area Preservation Society and is the Vice President and Cofounder of the FashionAlliance Project. She advocates for disability rights and inclusion in the Ohio arts scene.


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Collection: This I Take in Remembrance of Trauma

<p align="left"><strong><em>Blue Jug</em></strong></br>11.5 x 9.75"</br>Ceramic</br>$120</br><strong><a href="https://checkout.square.site/buy/UX3UGWSZTHBQU2TU4P7IPXOT">PURCHASE</a></strong></br>

Blasphemy Triptych
20 x 52" each
Oil on canvas panel

Collection: The Macabre Landscapes of Woman

Collection: Spirit Animals and Cosmic Dreams

A Spirit Animal is characterized as a teacher or messenger that comes in the form of an animal and has a personal relationship to an individual. Other names might be animal guides, spirit helpers, spirit allies, power animals, or animal helpers. It is believed that you do not choose the animal; rather, it chooses, or has already chosen, you.

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