</br><p align="left"><strong><em>Aemelia</em></strong></br>Dimensions variable</br>Photography</br>$10 for 4 x 6"</br>$25 for 8 x 12"</br> $50 for 12 x 18"</br> <strong><a href="https://checkout.square.site/buy/AW2X242QKKRFK7CZGEC4TAFR">PURCHASE</a></strong></p><br>

Jacs Fishburne

SEEN Studios: Jacs Fishburne

Fresh A.I.R. Gallery does not take a commission on art sales, and all proceeds go directly to artists. If you purchase artwork, we will contact you to arrange pickup or delivery. All online sales incur a 3.2% processing fee.

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