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Dragon by the Tail by Kim Keffer

April 14 – May 19, 2023 @ SEEN Studios

OPENING RECEPTION: Friday, April 14, 6 – 10 PM; additional viewings by appointment

Fresh A.I.R. Gallery is proud to present Dragon by the Tail, a solo exhibition by Kim Keffer. Featuring acrylic, oil paintings, and faceted glass wall pieces, Keffer’s work is a prismatic dive into the inner self, brimming with intricate detail and personal meaning.

What began in 2012 as a healing journey from PTSD and depression, Keffer uses her daily painting practice to cope with mental illness and to recover what she calls her “authentic, creative self.” Kim’s paintings are fantastical in their imagery, often depicting herself, her partner, and people from her life alongside glowing celestial bodies and luminous light sources. Sometimes seen from the ground, aerial views, or from within an altogether abstract plane, green forested scenes and wildlife come alive in her brushstrokes.

In her faceted glass works, brightly colored glass slabs cut by hand form unique, irregular shapes that appear like rough gemstones in her colorful compositions. The cut glass pieces are then laid out mosaic style and held together with epoxy. Folkloric in their appearance, Kim’s faceted glass works add a literal glimmer of hope to the exhibition.

Throughout works in Dragon by the Tail, the value of connection is front and center. Kim’s art encourages the viewer to reconnect with the self and with nature. A lifelong artist with a healing journey spanning over 30 years, Keffer’s artistic practice started with photography and has expanded to include drawing, painting, faceted glass, and writing. For over 10 years Kim has been facilitating a group called Creative Companions, where she leads members in activities to ignite the creative spirit, promote healing and silence the censor.

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