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HIdden Heart unsigned-2

Karma Tashi Tsering

Finding the Moment by Karma Tashi Tsering

October 13 – November 17, 2023 @ SEEN Studios

OPENING RECEPTION: Friday, October 13, 6 – 10 PM during Franklinton Friday
Additional viewings by appointment

Artist Statement:
As soon as we leave the moment, we lose focus and understanding. Distractions from the past and the future hinder us from finding the moment. I hope my paintings hold you in the moment. My life has been a series of moments, some lost, some found. In the process, my creativity has allowed me to find the moment.

About Karma:
Karma Tashi Tsering grew up in Bir, a small Tibetan refugee camp in the Himalayan region of northern India. After his mother’s death, he moved to the United States where he would earn an associate degree in computer science from Columbus State Community College in 2017. During his time at CSCC, Tsering discovered digital painting and immediately fell in love with art making. He strives to embrace beauty, joy and connection to the world through his artwork.

HIdden Heart unsigned
A place between Sea and Sky thought 900
Arrival unsigned
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